The Extreme Effects of the App-Data Gap

Developing an app is an exciting and innovative process. But what happens when mistakes aren’t caught in time, and the app’s already been released? Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence, and from it the phrase “App-Data Gap” has been coined.  The App-Data Gap is the delay between a user interacting with a business application, and the speed of its data delivery. It’s been found that small delays in applications affect both individual employees and organizations as well.

Before you dive in – take a look at how you can make make onboarding faster and more efficient. 

Nimble Storage performed a large survey asking IT decision-makers (ITDMs) and other users how small delays in business applications affected their productivity. Globally, a whopping 73% of users believe sub-optimal app performance prevents them from achieving their personal best. Not to mention the giant financial impact delays cause, which according to this infographic equals a total of $7.5 billion in losses.

The major takeaway of these shocking statistics is that microseconds can make or break your software. App developers need to be aware of the impact delays have on businesses worldwide, and take that into consideration when designing and eventually checking their apps before release.


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