Fact or Fiction? The Truth about SaaS Adoption, Data Loss, and More! (Infographic)

In a world where all our data is online and stored through various systems, it’s hard for customers to imagine that no software is perfect. That that sometimes it may be just as risky to save your data online as it is to store a hardcopy in your basement. That being said, we are of course always working on improving and maximizing SaaS.

Spanning by EMC did some research in order to get to bottom of some common misconceptions in the ever developing world of SaaS. They wanted to get a look at the SaaS landscape worldwide, and what they found is pretty incredible. I won’t give too much away, however I will elaborate a little on one of the myths that stood out to me. Something I found very fascinating is one of the myths that was proved wrong that stated that people assume that SaaS application providers have all their data protection covered, including backup and restore. In the U.S. 79%, and in the U.K 65%, of SaaS users were confident that their SaaS providers can easily restore their cloud based data, while in reality SaaS vendors cannot protect their customers from data loss due to hacking, human error or other causes. This infographic proves and disproves many more interesting facts with their shocking findings from around the world.

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