Fascinating Infographic: GetApp Ranks Most-Valued Factors When Choosing Cloud Business Software

Depending on the size of your business, different factors will have more or less degrees of importance.

This infographic by GetApp illustrates the top ten most valuable factors when considering cloud-based solutions. Their research asked 1000 USA-based respondents from a group of small and medium-sized businesses a simple survey question: “When choosing a cloud-based solution for your business, what do you value most?”

The two key findings in the research were that data security was the most important focus at 21.2%, while scalability was a low priority at only 3.8%. Ease of use and affordability were the two next most important factors at 20.7% and 13.3% respectively.

When you put this data into perspective, especially amongst small to mid-sized businesses, these results make more sense. The top 3 factors all have a more immediate effect on the bottom line. Larger enterprises are more likely to be interested in scalability due to their ability to invest more capital.


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