My Favorite Articles in SaaS This Week

In this week’s best SaaS articles, experts look back at some old methods, as well as offer new ideas for the future of SaaS. Take a look at these articles to understand where SaaS is headed.


1. Rethinking Chargeback in the Era of Clouds

In this article Paul Gillin explores how the cloud has changed the way IT implements chargeback. He explains that for the public cloud and SaaS, it’s easier to administer chargeback because costs can be broken down by individual machine or user account. The author offers pros and cons for various breakdown options, then raises the question, is chargeback is really necessary in 2015


2. Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling

Hindsight is 20/20. Nino Marakovic and Rajeev Dham show us that even successful SaaS business founders can look back at what they would have done differently. For SaaS businesses to scale rapidly, they need an enterprise-ready structure early on. The idea here is than an old-school approach can still be an option for easing future transition.


3. How Inbound Marketing Can Quickly Build a SaaS Customer Base

Looking for 4 ways to boost your inbound marketing? Rachel Moore expands on some great ways to invest in and grow your customer base. One tip I found helpful is making your customers work for you – delight your customers, and they will become your best advocates.


4. 5 Tips to Avoid a SaaS Contract Nightmare

When searching for the right SaaS provider, it can be hard to see through showy sales pitches. In this article, Fayez Mohamood gives readers 5 tips to clear up the process and avoid an undesirable SaaS contract. The takeaway is that if you treat these meetings like interviews, you’ll find the right solution.


5. How to Overcome the Challenges of User Onboarding and Ensure Cloud ERP Adoption

Underinvestment in training is one of the main challenges to user onboarding and adoption. Bo Amidor writes about 7 techniques that can be used to combat this challenge. One of the main points is that for any system, training should be a continuing process, especially with frequent updates and new features.

Sydney Rootman is the Editor and Lead Writer for SaaSAddict. SaaSAddict shares news and information on SaaS, cloud migration and product marketing, in hopes of fostering discussion and interaction with the professional community.