My Favorite SaaS Articles this Week

In a world full of professionals and article gurus, there are many Software as a Service articles online .However, there are those published articles that happen to be the best. This is a round-up of the top 5 SaaS articles this week.

The Innovator’s Dilemma For SaaS Startups

Most SaaS companies that begin as small-medium-businesses tend to serve larger customers after some time .The company must battle through the period of small customers and slow growth. Many SaaS companies are starting up on the major SMB markets due to less complicated needs and few demands.

Strategy And Relationships in The World Of SaaS

There are SaaS tools operating with no outbound sales and marketing and thus depend only on the support team to spread the word. The question is not about the use of the software, but how to position it strategically for employees and external partners.

How SaaS Companies Can Get to the Top of The Market Fast

It takes a vast array of things to turn a SaaS company into a market leader. These include improving the free trial to paid subscription conversion rate, improving new lead conversion rate and monetizing customers.

A Good Marketplace Looks Like a SaaS Business

Early professional marketplaces are starting to mature, but it’s possible that they have better spend rates. Most marketplaces though don’t have a real subscription revenue system.

The Top 5 Challenges When Adopting a Cloud ERP

The challenges in adopting a Cloud ERP differ in regards to the implementation, either being from scratch or from a previous cloud version. The key challenges are hybrid requirement, customization, user onboarding and training, change management, identifying the architectural and licensing models and data security in Cloud ERP.


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