Following the Success Path of 5 Serial Entrepreneurs

Can you look at this infographic by Anna Vital and not be amazed by these 5 industry leaders?

Of the world’s 1426 billionaires, 960 are self-made. The image below follows the career path of 5 of them, who we all know well and look up to.

All of them prove that it doesn’t necessarily take one big idea to become a successful entrepreneur and that the road to success is not as smooth and sure, even if you have a sharp brain and the right tools.

4 out of the 5 “serial entrepreneurs” presented here started their first business at the age of 12, may it be writing video games or selling Christmas trees. One of them made his first million at his 6th business, one started no less than 20 additional business after making his first BILLION. All are male, all are in tech, all are big dreamers.

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