The Future of SaaS- What 2016 Has in Store

“By 2020, the Number of Things Connected to the Internet Will Exceed the Number of People on Earth by 7X.”

This infographic, by Wipro, shows us a day in our lives, only 4 years from now. In that future, every aspect in our lives will be connected to the internet, including our morning coffee, which will be made in advance and ready for pickup. That way, in just 4 years from now – SaaS will be everything and everywhere, in a way that allows us to share information, intelligence, insights and opinions at all times.

But before jumping to 2020, this infographic shows a forecast for 2016, according to which wearable technologies will provide $10 billion in product revenue to technology and service providers, and enterprise public cloud services spending will reach $207 billion.

I invite you to take a look at this prediction, and share your thoughts:


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