GoDaddy CTO Leaving: Bad for Business?

It was just last month that GoDaddy popped up on the SaaS radar, when the company announced that it would be offering a suite of cloud services. GoDaddy also garnered a lot of attention amidst their launch of GoDaddy Pro adding SaaS features, including WordPress hosting.

This time around GoDaddy is making headlines due to the release of a regulatory filing, informing us that the chief technology officer, Elissa Murphy will be leaving the company in May.

Although executives come and go in public companies, the timing is odd in light of GoDaddy’s expanding services in the cloud sector.


GoDaddy CTO Leaving – Are They Moving to Bigger and Better?

According to Fortune, Murphy will be working for Google, although exactly what her future position will be at Google is still unclear. GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving, said that Murphy had been instrumental in the evolution of the company and would be greatly missed.  

A unique selling point for GoDaddy’s cloud services is that they are being targeted to small businesses, unlike Amazon and Microsoft.


The Fight to Stay Relevant

If the company wants to stay profitable, it will need to find more and more avenues to keep its customers from leaving and moving to other services.  Do you think GoDaddy will manage to stay afloat during these rocky times? Is there a chance for them to revive their “SuperBowl Commercial” golden age?



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