Great Infographic: Challenges of the Modern Retail CIO

The paradox of new year’s resolutions is remarkably similar to the promises that businesses often ascribe themselves to. We promise one thing, but over time, it becomes clearer that this thing is impossible.

This infographic by Demandware visualizes some of the challenges that CIOs face in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

While 52% of CIOs say that supporting business innovation is a top priority, they are often faced with a growing backlog that prevents them from approaching that goal. 68% of CIOs report that they are struggling to find the balance between innovation and operational excellence.

However, unlike a personal resolution, businesses can assess early warning signs and adapt to the situation.
One example the infographic gives is that 80% of IT time is focused on maintaining status quo, which puts innovation at a standstill. CIOs can avoid the clutter by employing the right commerce solution to increase their agility.



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