Great SaaS Articles This Week

Software as a service is all over the news and I handpicked my favorite recent articles that shed some more light on interesting features and opportunities this technology offers. This collections is especially relevant for entrepreneurs and startups that wish to enter the SaaS world, Enjoy.


SaaS Steps Over the Line – and Closer to Customers

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is changing the connection between providers and their clients. Both are gradually planning products and services more collaboratively. This article by Stewart Florsheim provides a refreshing insight into how the business know how of the clients helps boosts the software development of the SaaS products.


The 8 Pivotal Moments Every Successful SaaS Company Has

This article is a result of a great Quora question: “What are some pivotal moments that every successful SaaS company has?” and has led to the creation of a really great comprehensive article. The author, Jason M. Lemkin, is a famous SaaS entrepreneur himself.


Top 3 Myths and Truths About Cloud SaaS

John Trader made here a sophisticated witty article that discusses 3 major implications of SaaS on different aspects of the global industry and in particular health care and cyber.


SaaS Analytics Helps Net $23m in Revenue Cycle Payments

Orlando Health is one of the US largest health care providers and they share how SaaS revamped their whole revenue cycle, from managing its staff to running its clinics it provides a valuable glimpse to how any business can gain from implementing the right SaaS product.


5 SaaS Industry Leaders to Learn From

This list represents a collection of companies that continuously take novel concepts and risks in the realm of SaaS. These SaaS companies are leaving hardware behind in sake of software and are finding ways to deal with, security, networking, market segmentation, data and countless infrastructure-related subjects.


Salesforce, Oracle, Workday®, New Relic, Zendesk are all discussed in this detailed article.

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