Great Video: The Hybrid Software-Hardware Solution, and the Future of IoT

Where is IoT (Internet of Things) going? Which companies are gaining momentum and raising more funding? This video showcases a fascinating discussion between the industry’s leading experts. True, this video is a bit long, but dedicating 30 minutes to watching it (or a bit less to watching most of it) will be worth your while.

One of the most interesting takes from this video, taken in TieCon2015, is from Dharmesh Thakker, of Battery Ventures. He encourages entrepreneurs to focus on the value gained from the combination between hardware and software. He points out the advantage of IoT, which opens a window for venture capitalists to invest in a combination of software and hardware, in a way that creates a solution that users want and love more. The long term value of this hybrid solution is a major key to success, as he stresses out.


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