The Greatest Reads In SaaS

The Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: How to Build a Breakout Software Company

If you’re a software entrepreneur and you need a shot at the big time, there are some special essential building blocks that you need to have. This nice article by a Forbes contributor has dozens of lessons for you. Take a few minutes of your time to grasp a bit of what this article has in store for you.

The Greatest Word of Mouth Follow-up Question… Ever!

There is no doubt- word of mouth marketing is the most effective marketing method in the history of marketing. As a SaaS company, how can you take advantage of this method of marketing? Lincoln Murphy shares some fantastic word of mouth tips.

How SaaS Marketing has Changed

SaaS has changed a great deal. If you’re a SaaS entrepreneur it’s imperative that you’re up to date with some of these changes. Read Peter Cohen’s blog post to get up to speed with changes in SaaS marketing.

Will They Switch for Cheaper?

People don’t change for cheaper products. Instead they prefer switching for better. Seth Gogin’s inspirational article on this topic is a must-read.

Government Adoption of Cloud Services – Interview with SRA

Cloud computing is being adopted at a gradually increasing rate throughout the world. But why are most governments are still reluctant to embrace it? I recently conducted an interview with Majed Saadi, Director of Cloud Computing Practice at SRA seeking answers to this question. Find out what he told me.


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