How Does Cloud Computing Work ?

Cloud computing is where computers use cloud handles to handle applications. This is used by popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Flickr and so many others.

So how does cloud computing work ?

Cloud storage is ideal because it allows you to access data that is stored in the cloud from any computer, anywhere. Cloud computing is the ability to store and retrieve information from a cloud. You access the information mostly through the internet.

The way cloud computing works is the network of computers makes a cloud which handles all the applications of the various computers. In this way, the cloud carries most of the software as well as the hardware demands which reduces these demands because instead of the computer running all the applications, it only runs the cloud computing system’s interface software which in most cases is the internet. This means that you do not store files and data on your hard drive, but these are stored in the cloud.

The advantages of cloud computing are numerous and include that it is much easier for workers to be able to access software applications that are necessary in the work environment. This eliminates the need to either purchase individual applications or licenses for software applications.

 This has the additional advantage of being cheaper to run and work with. The other major advantage of this is that you will be able to access your information and data from any computer from anywhere. You can also access the information using a laptop, smart phone or a tablet. This makes it extremely convenient as you will be able to work remotely. There are also other conveniences that you get while using cloud computing such as you can be able to edit some files such as a PowerPoint presentations or a Word document simultaneously with other users so that they are privy to the changes made so that information is processed and passed n much faster. It is also more convenient.

Other advantages are you are able to get from using cloud computing is that you are able to get more storage space compared to the computer’s hard drive, cloud computing is easy to use and setting up takes a few minutes and you can do it yourself without having to enlist for professional help. You are also able to get updates or you can upload any settings you require depending on your needs. There are different types of cloud computing services that you can purchase and the kind of services that you purchase will depend on your needs.

Some cloud computing services are best for photos, others for videos while others are best for documents. Some services will offer free storage and if you need more storage, then that is the service that you will be paying for. As an individual, you may have different needs compared to a small organization or a large business. Cloud computing has some concerns such as security and accessibility when the internet is down but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

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