How to Make Money, Startup Edition


Want to know how to make money? Simple – Start a startup!


This may sound like a simple solution, but if you’ve tapped into the startup realm, you probably know the path to a startup success is filled with obstacles and countless challenges, and it takes a while until you reach the “money-making” part. Bottom line, it isn’t the short answer to “how to make money.”


Tips from successful entrepreneurs on how to become successful include learning public speaking (Tim Westergren, Pandora); finding a place you want to live in and people you want to hang out with before finding a career that lets you do that (Michael Wolfe, Pipewise); “never give up (Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Venture Partners); listening to your customers (Guy Kawasaki, Canva) and more.


Honestly, there’s no one “right” path to success. We all know that. But it’s always nice to see a general guideline showing how to get from an idea” to actually making money.


This is just what Funders and Founders did in this infographic, simply titled: “How to Make Money.”

It takes into consideration the four protagonists in your startup tale: you, your customers, your investors and your co-founders. If the other three succeed–you succeed.


The “path to moneymaking” in the startup world begins with finding a product that exists, but not yet perfect, improving it, testing it, selling it, selling shares, and, well, that’s pretty much it.
Even though this infographic can seem cynical (or maybe this was the intent,) it can be used as a roadmap of sort, on your way to your startup success.

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