How to Simplify your Human Capital Management Software

Managing your human capital used to be much simpler. You hired people, paid them and then they either quit or retired. Did you know that today’s employee only stays with a job on average for 3—4 years? That make Human Capital Management Software the go to way to manage your employees and to make sure that things are running smoothly. We’re here to help you be more efficient and to ensure that you’re using your programs effectively.


What’s so Special?

With Human Capital Management, companies include their employees on their list of assets. Companies who consider their employees as assets view the process of recruiting, cultivating, and retaining the right people as an important investment. Just as with any asset, you’ll need the right tools to manage your assets.


Managing Human Capital Management Software

Before you can manage human capital it first requires attracting human capital. How do you do this? Talent management system software is the answer. It is the key to human capital development. It provides HR with an array of applications for increasing and developing the organization’s available skills and services. Attracting candidates are one thing, but attracting the right candidates is what you’re going for. Incorporating a talent management system can help your company hire the right people from the start!

Have you ever wondered how you can make onboarding faster and more efficient? 

Time and attendance software is another feature of many HCM systems that helps prevent human error and costly payroll errors. Tracking time and attendance can prevent overpayment of employees and help calculate accurate tax payments.


Top HR Management Tools

The following tools can help you manage Human Resources effectively and efficiently.

1. Oracle Taleo by Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service helps recruiters and managers in hiring and keeping employees. It is mainly used for recruitment but also includes full talent management components such as succession planning, onboarding development planning, compensation, performance management, learning management and goals management. It allows you to give your employees organizational objectives, measure performance, and provide invaluable coaching and feedback. Oracle Taleo is a jack of trades and a master of all.


2. Ultimate Software by Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is the ultimate! It is a Payroll, Human Resources and Talent Management System that includes functions for recruitment, onboarding, payroll, employee and manager self-service, benefits administration, compensation management, performance management and reviews. Ultimate Software lets you track all human capital management information about your employees, including personal information, employment history, and more.


3. SuccessFactors by SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors is a Cloud-based HCM software solutions using a SaaS model. It focuses on three basic foundations including business alignment, team execution, and people performance. SuccessFactor’s iContent or “content-as-a-service” allows companies to manage digital learning materials, including training videos and presentations. Using this system you can tailor the layout to align with company logos/colors, and it also integrates with excel imports/exports.


4. Namely by Namely

Namely is an HR, payroll, and Talent Management system. It includes a core HR system encompassing employee profiles, organizational charts, time off tracking and approvals, task and document management. In addition, is provides your company with custom reporting capabilities. Namely also takes full care of the employee’s health care provision and insurance.


5. Zenefits by Zenefits

Zenefits serves the users, their managers, and their employees. It provides a single place to manage all their HR benefits, and more, under one dashboard. It assists the users to connect to their company’s payroll, health insurance, paid time off, and other HR systems with Zenefits, and saves you the sweet of changing vendors, plans, or pricing.


Success is hard to come by, and Human Capital Management Software can aid in your companies success. A great resource for learning how to effectively use your products and solutions, including but not limited to Human Capital Management Software, is WalkMe. WalkMe is, ‘a game-changing platform that instantly simplifies the online user experience.’


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