Impressive Infographic: What is Cloud Computing and Why Should I Care?

For many consumers, cloud computing is just another obscure buzzword that marketers use. However, cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. It is becoming ubiquitous with how we interact with the internet on a fundamental level.

This infographic by Wikibon presents an excellent visual primer on what exactly cloud computing and SaaS entails. The main benefits of cloud computing are consistent access to data from any location, improved reliability and data security, and wider access to free, up-to-date software.

Compared to traditional IT models, which have heavy set up costs along with variable costs over time, cloud computing solutions have no set up costs and only variable costs.
These advantages carry over to the consumer as well. 77.9% of respondents noted that the pay-by-use model as the top advantage of cloud computing. Over 70% said that the simple, fast deployment to users and monthly payment plans were attractive as well.


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