Infographic: Embracing SaaS – A Pacesetter Perspective

IBM defines a “pacesetter” as a member of a small segment of their survey population- only 19%- that demonstrates the highest level of SaaS adoption and are gaining a competitive advantage through their efforts. The forerunners of SaaS adoption have derived deeper collaboration, more market agility, and better decision making through the use of these applications.

SaaS has the potential to increase internal and external collaboration, and improve the customer experience. Early adopters are already reaping the benefits of SaaS applications and are gaining an edge as a result. 61% of pacesetters say SaaS has increased internal and external collaboration. 68% use SaaS to improve the customer experience, a vital aspect of business in an increasingly customer-focused economy.

72% use SaaS to leverage analytics and gain insights from large masses of data. Could SaaS be right for you?


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