Jaguar Land Rover Launches InMotion. Vehicle Industry Going Mobile

Selling automobiles isn’t driving in enough business these days, so much so that Jaguar Land Rover has joined Ford, Toyota and others in a spin-off mobility business. InMotion is the name that JLR has settled on for their new independent business.


What is InMotion?

In their press release, JLR did not give exact details as to what their new service would offer, but did state that its purpose is to “create innovative solutions, helping customers to overcome travel and transport issues”. The UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business plans to create apps and other on-demand services.

What’s their game plan?

With currently only 30 employees in London, startup InMotion “combines the flexibility and pace needed to compete in the ever-changing mobility sector” as Adrian Hallmark, group strategy director of JLR stated. InMotion will be conducting research worldwide, starting next month, to pinpoint the current needs and struggles of the world of transport and travel. They plan to go down all avenues and see what clicks before they build their business model.


What’s next?

We will have to sit and wait fiddling our thumbs until next month, then we will be able to start and get a sense of what InMotion will have to offer. Even if JLR and InMotion aren’t able to live up to expectations, there is still a chance we will see InMotion go independent, taking external investments, and start a trend of businesses creating businesses.


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