Join the Big Data Revolution by Learning from Fantasy Sports

More than 30 million Americans play fantasy football and it has become a more than 10 billion dollar per year industry. As the popularity of fantasy sports increases, it is predicted that the numbers will increase steadily over time. With that popularity increase, fantasy sports companies have developed a numberer of platforms that companies are utilizing in order to capture a share of the market. The 2014-2015 season is being thought of as a signal for the entrance of yet another, possibly unexpected, business which is big data. 


Gartner Analysts start with a bold prediction: “First of all, big data will become the new normal sometime between 2016 and 2018.”


Most often, big data technology is implemented by large businesses, but recent years have brought about a change in this aspect. This has change occurred mostly due to technologies that are cost effective and more accessible that include big data analytics cloud computing. The latest big data platform is that of the individual fantasy football players. A company by the name of Competitive Edge will be using complex data in order to provide users with the best pick options. They will analyze and rate players based upon categories that are outside of the traditional statistical setting. They have begun to look at player environment, physical state and mental condition.
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This company is one of the very first to take big data to the individual level while carrying extraordinarily high expectations in regards to the implementation. According to the hypothesis of the company, big data should allow for the gathering of enormous amounts of information in real time. This is technology that can prove highly beneficial for a wide range of businesses across a multitude of industries. Especially since Competitive Edge is able to provide this service for a mere $5 per user.


Gartner Analysts continue to look ahead: “If big data apps proliferate, they will need… data. This means a focus on data governance, data preparation and an ability to painlessly load data into big data stores. This also means self-service, or rather SELF-SERVICE.”


The type of information that that is being provided to fantasy sports enthusiasts is along the lines of that which is expected to be delivered to the high levels of executives within a corporation. Companies like Competitive Edge are showing how information can be helpful for more people within the company and not just the top tier of executives. The implications of big data and business will take all industries to new levels.


The implementation of big data strategies will afford an increased amount of scrutiny that will deliver avenues for the creation of better overall business strategies within the market. Experts within the industry often find themselves amazed at just how profound the effect big data, when properly dispersed and implemented, has on a wide variety of areas.


Companies everywhere are being shown by Competitive Edge that there are great uses for gathered information. The information is able to benefit companies regardless of their industry or size. The ability of the technology to analyze, gather and store large sets of information and make it invaluable everywhere. Given that the costs of big data within the cloud is currently very low, it is imperative that businesses of all sizes make use of the technology.



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