July’s Best SaaS Tech Articles

During July, many SaaS professionals focused their research and writings on SaaS sales, specifically on how to reach your target audience. This list of articles is mainly directed on how to successfully sell your SaaS product, as it requires a pointedly different approach than regular sales. With tips from the experts on how to successfully sell your SaaS product, along with other interesting topics, you’ll definitely learn a lot from this month’s roundup!


1. 5 Things to Know About Today’s SaaS Customer

It’s important to know your audience when designing a software in order to successfully create a product that pleases your clients. As the world evolves and more people become tech savvy, the old marketing and promotion tactics aren’t going to cut it. This article stresses the importance of redefining your SaaS marketing tactics in order to successfully reach your newly advanced audience.


2. The Best Paid Acquisition Channels For B2B SaaS

There are so many useful tools that help in narrowing down which sales tactics are the best for SaaS sales, and which will bring you the most success. Alex Chaidaroglou lists some of the best paid acquisition channels out there, and describes why they are specifically helpful for SaaS sales.


3. 5 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make When Prospecting SaaS Customers

Danny Wong discusses some common mistakes salespeople make when attempting to sell a software. SaaS sales require a different approach than other types of sales, and it’s important to focus your efforts on learning these tactics in order to successfully sell your SaaS product.



4. Tips For Navigating the Sales Technology Landscape

Sales technology has really taken off over the past few years, however with its success comes various challenges. Emily Sue Tomac talked about some key techniques you can implement in order to successfully navigate sales performance management software. Tomac’s tips are extremely helpful for sales reps and software developers alike, as each department should work together as much as possible in order to see great results.


5. Making the Switch to Account-Based Sales

In relation to the previous article, account based sales (ABS) has become very popular lately. Instead of sales representatives chasing individual sales, an ABS strategy allows representatives to focus on a whole company, instead of just a single person. This allows for a more efficient sales strategy, and is an altogether more effective method. Andrew Tate utilizes quotes from a few experts in order to stress how effective this new strategy is, and why companies should begin implementing it.


6. Cloud Vs SaaS: What’s the Difference?

It’s always useful to brush up on the basics, especially when working in technology. This article by Jillian Knox provides a great run through defining the difference between cloud computing and SaaS, including some of the basic benefits to each, and a couple useful examples.


7. Rethinking Software Development in IoT

As IoT expands and becomes more popular so does the demand for new software development tools and strategies, and companies everywhere are looking for ways to fill this need. Jeff Kaplan outlines the three main reasons why professionals should institute an IoT initiative. Among some of the main reasons include reacting faster when a problem arises, and the ability to predict potential problems before they occur.


8. Great Infographic: How Important is the IT Manager Nowadays?

Take a look at this fascinating infographic that outlines how important companies deem their IT managers. While there are some pretty mixed responses, these statistics determine that the job of an IT manager isn’t an easy one. How valuable do you feel your IT manager is to your company?


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