June’s Top SaaS Articles

It’s always useful to learn about new methodologies and trends in your field. This list of articles published in the past month cover a range of SaaS topics including strategies to help you avoid a major data breach, and what the development of robots means for our future. I hope you enjoy this list of fascinating articles!

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1. 5 Lessons For Building A Scalable SaaS Sales Machine

Jerdeen De Witt tells his SaaS story including lessons he learned from his recent design completion. De Witt lists each step of the process outlining what he learned from each phase in the development process. I think this is a very useful article, as it provides a complete explanation and summary of what it really takes to design a software from beginning to end.


2. 4 Strategies Businesses Can Use To Avoid a Data Breach

Data breaches which affect major companies are all over the news, but it’s the small businesses who are significantly affected by these breaches, yet no one knows about it. Larger companies have more potential to make a comeback, while for a smaller company a data breach has the potential to eliminate it completely. Adam Levin discusses four strategies you can put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen within your company.


3. Building SaaS for SMBs: 4 Things To Know

This article provides useful information about how to implement SaaS into a business. It includes helpful advice about what types of technology is necessary depending on what type of company you’re starting. The type of software you choose for important departments such as HR, bookkeeping and project management will likely determine their success, so it’s important to be well educated on the software.


4. 5 SEO Best Practices for SaaS Websites

There are so many digital marketing tools out there, but SEO is probably one of the main tools in any successful digital marketing strategy. This article outlines five of the best SEO practices you can implement within your SaaS website in order to see the best results.

5. Retailers Move Towards SaaS To Solve Omni-channel Order Management Challenges

The omni-channel movement is more popular than ever these days. This article provides a useful outline on how exactly to fulfill the demands of providing an omni-channel experience for your customers. The focus is geared toward a few key points which determine if a company has really succeed in providing this type of experience, and Steve Bielawski provides a nice outline of how to achieve a multi-level experience.


6. Robots, AI Won’t Destroy Jobs Yet

Although it is predicted that robots will take over 16% of US jobs by 2025, according to Forrester, Thomas Claburn states that it won’t be as dire as people think. Over the same period there is said to be a 9% job increase as well. Claburn discusses which professions will be most affected, and what we can expect in the future.


7. 9 Tips and Strategies For SaaS Product Team

It’s always good to brush up on your strategies, and learn about new ideas in the field. This article discusses nine tips that can be implemented for a more successful SaaS production. In order to succeed in the field, a company must always remain up to date with the latest trends in the SaaS growth process. These strategies are useful for any professional in the industry.


8. How to Simplify your Human Capital Management Software

In this article, we share some expert tips on how to best manage your HCM, and get the most out of it, while spending as little time as possible on trying to figure out how to operate things and more time on hiring the best employees.


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