Keys to the Kingdom – Things to Remember When Creating Sound IT Policy

Information security means, first and foremost, keeping information safe. This is why every corporation needs to have an organized IT policy.


An IT policy is more than a document listing what you can and cannot do – it’s a strategic tools that helps us to guarantee information is protected from disclosure, unauthorized access or loss.


With a proper IT policy, which helps achieving a more proper and appropriate use of information systems, problems around information leakage can be avoided.


This infographic by IT toolkit, lays out the key factors that should be taken into consideration when preparing an IT policy.



It starts by outlining what an IT policy is, and what it contains. It then provides us with tips on how to prepare an efficient sound policy that fills a need, lowers IT costs and creates shared service expectations.


Perhaps the most important part of this infographic, is the reminder that “policy takes a partnership” – a good policy is created through the collaboration between the end-user and the IT department, each bringing something to the table.


Oh, and one more thing – when drafting a policy, don’t forget the marketing…

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