Looking At the Future of SaaS, AI and IT through Experts’ Eyes – 9 Must Read Articles

The future is here. In case you were wondering.

Technology is advancing in record speed, as innovations that were a foggy prediction come to life one after the other.

This passing month, I decided to explore “future studies” and browsed the web for the latest advancements in the tech world, and especially AI, IT and SaaS. Here are some of the most interesting articles I found:

1. Artificial Intelligence Agent Outplays Human and the in Game AI in Doom Video Game

An artificial intelligence agent developed by two Carnegie Mellon University computer science students has proven to be the game’s ultimate survivor —, outplaying both the game’s built-in AI agents and human players.

The students, Devendra Chaplot and Guillaume Lample, used deep-learning techniques to train the AI agent to negotiate the game’s 3-D environment, still challenging after more than two decades because players must act based only on the portion of the game visible on the screen.


2. Self-driving Uber Vehicles Spotted on the Streets of San Francisco

People have started noticing self-driving Uber cars in downtown San – Francisco, fueling speculation the ridesharing company could soon be deploying autonomous vehicles for commercial use right where it all started in the Bay Area.

These self-driving cars seen in downtown SF seem to be the same as those used in Uber’s self-driving pilot program in Pittsburgh. Uber recently deployed a fleet of 14 Ford Fusions equipped with radar, cameras and other sensing equipment developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics center.


3. Apple HealthKit to Reportedly Transform from Tracking to Diagnosis

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple’s HealthKit, which up until now collected user data, will start interpreting that information and turn it into a device for users and doctors.

A key element of this new system will be the new Apple Watch, which will come with a series of apps that’ll make sophisticated measurements of fitness levels, sleeping habits and more.

Gliimpse’s acquisition will come in handy here, pulling electronic health records and organizing them for ease of use and analysis.


4. Google Rebrands Cloud Business, Adds More Artificial Intelligence

Google has announced renaming its business-to-business cloud computing brand and enhancing some enterprise applications using artificial intelligence.

Discussing the rebranded Google Cloud, Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google’s enterprise business, said the company has made good progress courting customers and improving its technology.


5. Orchestra Music Created with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

With the help of human composers and artificial intelligence, a 50-piece orchestra performed inside the Louvre Pyramid in Paris “Symphonologie,” a “symphonic experience” from Accenture Strategy, a business and technology consulting firm.

The project aims to shed light on the tangible uses of this kind of artificial intelligence and its broad potential.

6. Here’s What Cities Could Look Like in 10 Years

Welcome to the urban future!

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, people have been making their ways from suburbs to the cities, and in recent years, we witness the rise of the “Mega Cities.”

To get a sense of what city life might look like in the future, Business Insider called on futurists, urban planners, and designers to weigh in on trends related to transportation, housing, automation, the Internet, the environment, and jobs.

Together, their predictions paint the world’s future cities as crowded hubs that run on renewable energy and harness the Internet in every facet of daily life. Vehicles are electric, self-driving, and shared by residents.

7. Robots: Lifesavers or Terminators?

We saw it in movies, but now real-life experts predict that AI is on its way to becoming a weapon of mass-destruction, and could be the cause of WWIII. On the other hand, another group of experts claim the opposite, saying robots can be more ethical than humans, and even save lives.

This article by Clara Lindh explores both possible scenarios of the future, looking at all possible outcomes of the latest groundbreaking robotic achievements.


8. Could IoT Nanoswarms Be Coming Soon?

Ever wondered what if nanotechnology could deliver these incredible small, wirelessly-connected machines? How would they communicate? What practical purpose would they serve in a real-world scenario?

As it turns out, there are scientists and researchers working developing this very type of technology. Devices that measure little more than 100-times the size of a single strand of human DNA that can navigate through, and transmit data from, your bloodstream.


9. The Secret Lab Where Nike Invented the Power-Lacing Shoe of Our Dreams

Nike’s self-lacing shoes will finally go on sale on November 28th. The big news was announced on Nike Innovation 2016, together with other upcoming products, like Air Vapor Max or the Mercurial X EA Sports.

Wired.com was invited by the company for a look behind the scenes of the shoe’s development, and in this great article, they tell the story of how Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has brought this vision, which we all remember from “Back to the Future,” to life.

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