Most Effective Visitor Management Software

The problem with discussing visitor management software is that it can actually refer to one of two uses primarily, rather than just one. This is one of the mild downsides of the SaaS revolution. It’s opened up a ton of niche software markets that weren’t practical before web software caught on. But, in doing this, it’s also brought about a whole number of very different software types that are forced to share the same name, and result in a lot of confusion.

In the case of visitor management software, it could mean handling traffic coming into a web service, and engaging them, tracking them and converting this to logistics, or it could mean booking, tour management and related functionality based around travel and tourism. These are obviously very distinct software types from one another. Well, since I cannot predict which one you came here looking for, I’ll be looking at both. I’ll recommend one for the web visitor solution and a couple locational ones.

#1 – Banckle Live Chat

Banckle Live Chat is the web visitor definition I said you’d get, so if you were looking for a number of options for this definition, you’re out of luck because there’s not much else for this to be had yet honestly.

But, this does what you probably need out of this kind of solution, allowing cloud-based on demand live chat, integrated visitor tracking, fully customizable administrative control, multiple site management, file sharing for files up to two gigabytes in size, canned message sending, and smart customer queuing.

So, if you need visitor management in the sense of website visitors, then this is probably a solid choice. That’s a good thing, because there really aren’t a lot of choices for this particular definition for now. This is in part due to meta-services by people like Google working fine in tandem to handle most of this sort of functionality for most. Really, even in light of the SaaS revolution, this is still a very niche type of software.

#2 – Moonicorn

Along with having an amusing name, Moonicorn exemplifies why this wasn’t a practical dedicated software type before SaaS overcame some limitations of cost and practicality. Booking and visitor management systems of this definition are very specific in what they do, and like some other niche offerings, their feature set is limited for good reason.

This one does what you need, though, offering an embeddable booking widget, email notifications, reservation management, exporting of all data to excel, pdf and a host of other formats, and credit card processing.

This is pretty much what you need a booking and visitor management system to be, so if that’s what you need, it’s a safe horse to back. But, it’s not the only one …

#3 – Setster

Setster tries to buck the minimalism that software of this type usually has, such as the aforementioned Moonicorn, by bringing in a bunch of features, though I dare say this one is overkill unless you’re a huge business.

It offers multiple appointment provision management, 24/7 online appointment scheduling, two-way calendar syncing, email verification and confirmation, SMS notifications, automatic confirmation, billing and invoicing and group sessions for class or tour booking.

So, regardless your definition for visitor management software, there are solutions to meet your needs, just try not to be too disappointed if your defining it as web traffic management leaves you with few choices at the moment.


Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.