Must Use Time and Expense Software

I wrote about time and expense software about four months ago, and people have been asking me to cover this again. I must confess that not a lot has changed over the last quarter.

Time and expense software is important, so I don’t mind revisiting this topic, even if some of the same software is ranked at the top.

#1 Time Cockpit

Time Cockpit is one of the most popular time and resource tracking suites out there (as it was last time around). I don’t work with time management software in my daily profession, but colleagues of mine, who have to deal with this challenge, swear by Time Cockpit.

Having seen a demo, and looked at the feature list, I can see why. Offering graphic calendar tracking, data model customization, integration with Outlook, officer interoperability and .net SDK functionality (among other things), Time Cockpit pretty darn impressive.

Time Cockpit fits any business size so most companies will be pretty happy with this one.

#2 TimeForge

TimeForge is another time and expense software that a lot of my comrades talk fondly of; It has a very rich set of features.

This system offers an auto scheduler, POS integration, schedule enforcement, payroll exporting, advanced reporting, attendance tracking, flexible hierarchies and a full featured API as well.

TimeForge is geared more to large businesses, so small businesses may find it overpriced and overpowering. However, it’s worth a look if you’re a bigger business that is outgrowing your current solution.

#3 Fanurio

I don’t think Fanurio made my list last time, but a lot of people I know seem to love this one.

Fanurio offers per client projects, idle time detection, billable reports, partial invoice generation, client importing from CSV, CSV exporting, speedy backups and a lot bit more. Fanurio has gotten rave reviews so, I’d say it’s worth a look.

These are my top time and expense software picks trending right now. Are there any others that should make the list?

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