Netflix Offline – Celebration For Binge Watchers Around The World

Popcorn, comfy couch, action! Netflix is finally allowing their users to download directly from their site and watch Netflix offline.


A company as big as Netflix always needs to find more ways to move forward and stay faithful to their user base. According to Reuters, Netflix now has over 86 million streaming members in over 190 countries. Thank you Netflix for fulfilling our binge watching dreams.


Meanwhile, downloading content can only be through the Android or iOS app and not on desktops but I imagine the feature will be made available on more platforms in the near future.


In the opinion of Engadget, this whole move was simply inevitable. The tremendous demand on keeping up with our favorite TV shows and movies are consistently growing all thanks to Netflix making it all available in the first place.


Now we can get our fix on the go; on top of Mount Everest, the Amazon Jungle, or a bus with terrible Wi-Fi. Users have been demanding offline support for some time now, and Netflix has heard their cries despite prior hesitation by CEO Reed Hastings a few years ago. Only back in April did Reed mention Netflix will “keep an open mind” about the feature.


“Netflix Offline” – Finishing What Amazon Started

This feature has technically been available through Amazon Prime but was not adequately marketed.


I myself didn’t even know about this until fairly recently. Looking into it, Amazon has also not made this feature easily available to all users. Android users have a tough time as they are required to download the amazon app store just to get there.


Amazon has been steadily acquiring new film and TV deals so ultimately Netflix has to make a move if they don’t want to fall behind. I’d wager that Amazon was at least a portion of the motivation for Netflix to add a download feature, taking advantage of Amazon’s poor marketing.


I wouldn’t say that mishap would cripple Amazon’s own spot when it comes to streaming services, but it certainly didn’t help. A little work and I can really see Amazon’s streaming service flourish.


Seems like Netflix had good reason for added download feature, but we’re not done yet What else might have pushed Reed Hastings to add what he wasn’t always so into? Maybe the world?


The entire globe isn’t all equipped with constant internet access. To expand internationally, Netflix has to make their services available to those countries as well. To keep expanding, something had to change.


Ultimately a seemingly inevitable move is also extremely beneficial. Netflix will expand their user base and keep their users happy by giving them more control and access, keep their spot as the popular choice for streaming services globally, and of course by giving the users what they ask for they gain loyalty. Their end game is for more users and that’s what I believe they’ll get.


Slow And Steady Doesn’t Always Win The Race

Netflix might want to move a bit faster in the future. This time there were no consequences, but making choices only when pushed or forced means moving slowly. We live in a fast world with fickle minds and people will switch in an instant if they feel a company isn’t keeping up with their interests quickly enough.


This move should have been implemented a while ago to stay ahead, rather than do it when it’s not much of a surprise, though the news was welcome with open arms. No doubt Netflix will still prosper from this feature and users can binge watch to their hearts’ content.


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