November’s Top 8 Picks: Cybersecurity Risk and Prevention Tips

I’m sure at some point, personally or professionally, you have experienced a breach in your personal information or identity. Maybe your credit card number was stolen, email hacked, or you experienced a breach in data at work.


CyberMonday is less than one day away, and we thought it would be appropriate to roundup this month by including some of our top cybersecurity finds and how you can keep your SaaS, company, and consumer data safe as more business turns to web based technology and cloud storage.


Take a look at the discussions regarding online security and the steps your organization, big or small, can take to protect key personal data assets and customer privacy.


Businesses Still Neglecting Cybersecurity (Infographic)

How prepared is your company when it comes to Cybersecurity? This article breaks down the issue of cyber security awareness and the major resilience gap that is currently taking place globally. Included is an easy to digest infographic that breaks down the current facts – from the top 5 barriers to cyber resilience, how to improve your cyber resilience, and the number one cyber threat facing companies today.


The Future of Cybersecurity in America

Let’s be honest, most of us use the same password for almost every online authentication, and cyber attackers love it. Nextadvisor rounds up 2016 by reminding us that cybersecurity is definitely a threat; even large business like yahoo and government sectors like the IRS couldn’t escape data breaches over the past year.


This blog post discusses how the future of cybersecurity is developing and what regulations are coming into play as the frequency of cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Some interesting highlights include the importance of mobile device security and the phasing out of personal passwords – it seems like organizations will need to work towards being one step ahead of potential attackers when it comes to protecting against a potential data breach. 


The Cybersecurity Challenge Every Business Should Prepare for

Did you miss the discussion at Davos this year? This conference is held every year in Switzerland to discuss issues including robots, terrorism, and migration – just to name a few. This year however, cybersecurity took over the agenda.


There are three trends that are being largely discussed by CEO’s and heads of state this year regarding cyber intelligence and cyber security, and Fortune takes us into the discussions. It seems that the key takeaway is that resilience is critical – find out how to protect your business today!


10 Cybersecurity Steps Your Small Business Should Take Right Now

While resilience against cybersecurity is key to maintaining the security of your data, many might not know the first steps to take to protect their organizations – specifically small businesses. PC magazine has broken down 10 steps from security experts you can take towards protecting your startup or small business.


Some steps you can take today include cloud security, multi factor authentication, IT consultation, and email security. Read more about what experts like Bill O’Connell, Vice President of Global Trust Assurance at ADP, are recommending to protect your business against Cyber attacks and data breaches.


How to Protect Your Small Business as Cybersecurity Threats Rise

Just because you may own or be part of a small business, doesn’t mean you are at any less risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. It turns out that smaller businesses are more prone to attacks than larger corporations because cyber criminals are turning to easy accessible data first. Good news is that there are 6 steps you can take that can beef up your security plan and help you better position your business for the future. 




Cybersecurity Is Every Executive’s Job

Cybersecurity has become the hot topic over the years, and maybe that’s because of data breaches that are becoming all too common. When Target’s data was breached in 2013, they estimated their losses at $250 million dollars, it gets many of us thinking if this type of breach could have been prevented. The Harvard Business Review discusses why Executive teams needs to be personally responsible for understanding where their business’s strengths and weakness lie and how to execute a response for attacks.


According to a survey conducted by BAE systems of 300 executives in the IT and tech industry, “40% (of those execs) lacked a clear understanding of the cyber security protocols within their organization.” This data proves that companies, leaders specifically, need to place a stronger emphasis on providing the tools and planning needed to protect their employees, customers, and their assets.


The Best Cybersecurity Products and Solutions for Businesses

While there are steps you can take towards protecting your business, maybe your business needs more robust partner. Techradar breaks down some of the top cybersecurity products and solutions that can protect your business against an attack. Take a look at some of the top players and the holes in your security plan they aim to fill.



How the DoD Can Address its Cybersecurity Mandates

All this talk about Cybersecurity protection, but maybe the first step is to understand where cyber attacks can stem from. According to the Department of Defense, it is key to understand the anatomy of a data breach – how it happens, where the attack originated, and the steps to create a plan of defense. It also looks like almost all data breaches originate from a phishing scam, and the DoD stresses importance of preventing these attacks through knowledge of what to look out for.

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