[PODCAST] Nailing the SaaS Sale with Steli Efti

In SaaS sales it’s all about selling your software to your target customer, which is different than in regular B2B sales. It is important to prioritize the right products and strategies in order to reach the matching customers. There are so many unique skills required to succeed in SaaS sales, it can be tough to get your software out there when you’re only focusing on a select group of people.

In this podcast, Steli Efti tackles the question as to whether or not there are differences between SaaS sales and traditional B2B sales. Efti discusses just how complex the answer is, having personally seen many companies struggle because their employees weren’t putting the right prospects first. He stresses how important it is to motivate SaaS sales reps to learn how to target the right customers from the get-go with the proper strategies. Give this podcast a listen and you too can nail SaaS sales!



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