SaaS Conferences of 2014 – What to Expect

In the past few months, many local meetings have been held in the San Francisco area and other places on a wide range of subjects related to SaaS optimization and customer retention. In 2014, many conferences have been lined up for small business owners focusing on SaaS services. In this post, we’ve given a brief overview of SaaS conferences you can’t miss this year.


The Success-Con events have been the beginning of a detailed discussion and conversation about the future of SaaS and Customer Success Management. These conferences are aimed to provide an extensive view of the current state of this profession, along with a look at what it could become in the coming years.

It also gives business owners the opportunity to make connections with visionary and experienced Customer Success professionals. The initial sessions at this conference last for an afternoon. In the evening, there will be more interactions among attendees. Success-Con will be organized on 3rd April, 2014 in London. In September, 2014, it will be held in Boston.

Cloud Innovators Summits 

This exceptional executive forum series has been produced by Cloud / SaaS consultant and analyst, Jeff Kaplan of THINKstrategies. This is one of the SaaS conferences which aim at helping business decision makers understand how they can benefit from Cloud innovations, and satisfy their business needs and requirements. This summit will be organized in February, 2014.

Cloud Analytics Summit 

The Cloud Analytics Summit has proven to be a good platform for corporate decision makers like CIOs to learn more about numerous innovations, while sharing some exceptional practices associated with Big Data, Data Integration and Cloud BI. This helps them understand how the Cloud can satisfy their growing business needs and requirements.

The Cloud Analytics Summit helps business owners understand that Business Intelligence and Analytics tools are not optional anymore. They have become a necessary business requirement. In order to keep existing customers and find new ones, you need to know everything in real time. The summit was held in January, 2014. Due to the success of this event, it is being speculated that another one will be held this year.

Cloud Channel Summit 

In the last couple of years, there have three very successful events from Cloud Channel Summit. The Cloud Channel Summit gives an exclusive and unique opportunity to interact with numerous managers, partners and executives around a very challenging Cloud area – Creating & Managing an Effective Network of Strong Alliances.

The Cloud Channels Summit aims at explaining the meaning of customer relationship, specific roles of executives and necessary technologies for a successful transition. It will be organized from September 8 to 10 in New Orleans.


This annual event is organized by Salesforce.Com community. It is one of the largest SaaS conferences in the Cloud / SaaS sector. Dreamforce offers a lot of valuable information through its presentations and sessions. In 2014, this event will be held between November 18-22 in Moscone Center, San Francisco.


This SaaS conference was started by OpSource in 2006. The first one was held in Napa, California. Later, this conference was acquired by the SIIA or Software & Information Industry Association. It was renamed to All About the Cloud. The venue was also changed to San Francisco. In 2014, Maximize will be held between May 20-22.

These were some of the most popular SaaS conferences lined up for this year. A Cloud service provider and other professionals related to the industry cannot afford to miss any of these.


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