SaaS Marketing Challenges to be Aware of

If you are a SaaS company, there is a wide possibility that you are not getting quite pleasing results from your current Saas marketing strategies. Probably, the problem is not the strategies, but challenges that come along with them. Implementing the right strategies is not enough if you can’t detect and cope with the Saas marketing challenges. What is the way to gain a strong foothold in the industry with all the pertaining challenges? Well, the only route to success is to identify the loops and work on them.

Here are some marketing challenges that most Saas companies are not really aware of to begin with:

Are you beating the competition?

Beating the competition is one of the major challenges of Saas companies. In the digital marketing industry, it is important to be aware of your competitions to be able to identify and beat the competitors, which can turn out to be a challenging task for most companies, especially for startups.

In other markets, primarily human resource management, education, healthcare and supply chain management, content marketing is still the way to turn the game. But for Saas marketing, you need to think a step ahead. In 2014, SaaS companies have started to realize the battlefield extends across digital channels, leading to employment of more content creators and marketing technologists, paid media and SEO.

Are the free trials and free demos working for you?

Every SaaS company offers a free trial button plastered all over their website. What it the challenge with free trials? It is only a few, but the most primary one is that not everyone wants free trials. Does anyone have the time for long-term commitment? The success and failure of free trials will depend upon your marketing strategies and whether you are able to sell those free trials as well. Remember, not everyone is keen to shed money for one or two free trials and demos. It is important to sell effectively all you have, even if it is free perks.

How will SaaS companies succeed in marketing?

There is a big trend in marketing, flowing towards personalized and more comprehensive approach. There’s an important need of this transformation for companies to succeed in the long run. It is important to carry your brand in a real, thoughtful and magnetic way. Targeting every channel is one step towards success, reaching majority of population worldwide. Like it or not, if you want to sell anything, you need to let your customers sell it for you. Getting plenty of positive reviews is the key. But tackling negative reviews is the need of the hour. Thus Saas marketing should not just focus on building a great product, but also a better customer service.

SaaS companies will either win or lose, but smart ones will always lead from the front, and most of them will certainly look for high-profile leaders. Transparency, customer reviews and responsiveness will continue to be key differentiators. In addition, smart companies should participate more in social media forums, software comparison sites and open discussions for a well profound SaaS marketing structure.


Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.