SaaS Top 5 Weekly Roundup

We had a busy week SaaS-wise and I managed to fish our some articles that can be of huge help for the aspiring SaaS entrepreneur. With articles discussing the reasons behind the success of the world’s largest and fastest growing SaaS companies, you cannot afford to skip this weekly roundup


SaaS Growth Hacking Do’s And Don’ts

Growth hacking has been an almost sacred religion for SaaS entrepreneurs. It means that every action the company takes in its first steps is aimed at one goal – increasing revenue.

While growth hacking is usually put under a positive light, we have to remember that failures do not get the same exposure as the successes and if done wrong, growth hacking can spell disaster. So the author Jennifer Klostermann offers a few do’s and don’ts based on the experience of other wildly known SaaS companies. For example, she discusses the importance of spotting trends and using them while avoiding hurting your customer loyalty and brand awareness.


Themes in SaaS in ’16

The Author is a senior writer in the SaaS industry and a seasoned SaaS Venture Capitalist, so while he modestly claims he is only making vague prediction, take heed and learn.

He mentions the remarkable story of the rapid growth of Slack and Zenefits and the fact that desktop SaaS is still better adopted than mobile SaaS. He also discusses the spikes in the capital raised by SaaS entrepreneurs and the revenue they are expected to raise in a matter of months helping us understand how the industry’s bar keeps going up.


This is What the Top SaaS Companies all Have in Common

SaaS, the ubiquitous term for cloud-based software. A modern way of distributing software where service providers or vendors, make their software available online, through cloud-computing technology. The top SaaS companies all have certain aspects of their business in common.

In terms of SaaS delivery, users do not have to invest in hardware or install the software on their servers, but instead, the vendor hosts the software and charges a monthly fee, or on a per-usage basis.


The SaaS Startup Guide to Crossing the Chasm

Based on Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” book, this article clarifies what is the pitfall for many new technologies – the wide gap between the tech savvy first users and the “old school” hesitant mainstream clients. SaaS – being a rather new buzz world and an umbrella of innovative new technologies, is hardly understood by companies and users alike, and therefore suffers greatly from something called the ‘Technology Adoption Curve’.

In this article, Cara Hogan explains this, and even provides us with an amazing analysis of 3 SaaS companies and how they managed to bridge over this chasm and even take advantage of it.  Each one in its own unique strategy.


7 Essential Steps for Safely Moving Patient Data to the Cloud

The Author, Salo Fajer is the Chief Technology Officer at Digital Guardian dealing with the overall product management in a growing SaaS company. He bring exciting news of SaaS adoption in the health care industry.

Cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) technology brings many benefits to healthcare firms, including better flexibility, instant access to data and clearer record keeping. Salo also discusses the huge security risk with placing every bit of personal medical data of any patient online and the importance of strict security policies to accompany this widespread adoption.


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