SaaS Weekly Top 5 To Help Enhance Security and Safety

This week’s top 5 is all about who is in control of your SaaS data and nature. Hackers? Your company? Cloud technology and SaaS specifically face new and dangerous types of threats.
I gathered 5 articles and blog posts I found online that can help you keep your SaaS, and your company, safe.

Lightning Can Strike Twice: Don’t be Complacent Backing Up Cloud Data

Google data center meltdown shows lightning can strike twice – so why are companies still unworried on backing up cloud data. A series of successive lightning strikes in Belgium last Thursday managed to knock some cloud storage systems offline briefly, causing errors for some users of Google’s cloud infrastructure services.

This should be a warning for businesses universally that it is essential to back up data even in the cloud, since data loss is at question, one strike can be the end of an entire SaaS company.

Public Cloud Generating More Than $20bn Quarterly for IT Companies

This article explains a rigorous research done by Synergy that shows the immense revenue originating in public cloud. The statistics show that public cloud operators provide $10bn in quarterly revenues for key technology and IT supplies, while generating $12bn themselves in revenues from infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

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How Can We Keep Control of Our Data Regardless of Its Location?

Security and control over the servers, the hardware and the content stored on them are both crucial for the success of any SaaS company. Nevertheless, in our day and age where cloud is prominent and widespread, cyberespionage and cybercrime are becoming the number one threat for any company or organization, and therefore, cloud is becoming the focus of security companies. This article provides us with a glimpse of the growing cloud security industry and explain in a few clear tips on how data and hardware can be safer in the cloud environment.


Are 65% of Organizations Using Private Cloud: We Think Not.

Nowadays nearly all enterprises are employing cloud services, but only a few are utilizing private clouds, and the many use public services offered by cloud tech giants. The author claims that the hype about private cloud infrastructure and companies is nothing compared to the public cloud sector and that the whole industry is going public overall using some interesting statistics to prove it.


4 Tips To Maximize User Adoption for SaaS

As a SaaS company, if you’ve successfully passed the onboarding phase, you’ve won the battle, but you haven’t yet won the war. Now your focus needs to shift to optimizing adoption. Optimizing adoption means that you want the customer to use the product as frequently as possible.



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