SaasAddict’s Pick for the 5 Best SaaS Companies to Work For

More and more people are attracted into the business software community since it has become a hot new thing. Much attention in this industry is currently focused on designing of web-based architecture. There are many people who are competing for positions in SaaS companies because the application of enterprise software has completely changed the operations of many businesses. Cloud companies attract highly talented individual who think they have what it takes to make a difference. Apart from providing excellent positions where people can have their ideas implemented, cloud companies have adopted a culture of innovation and a clear mission to grow.

Cloud apps companies attract young and exceptionally bright graduates from the top universities due to their culture of innovation. Youthful talent understands pretty well the latest web-based technology than the employees from the earlier generations. For this reason, SaaS companies have tremendous advantage in building a development team from brightest minds that have the ability to innovate. Why are cloud companies attracting talented individuals? Most of the SaaS companies are new start-ups with numerous openings for graduates. These bright minds make a big difference because these companies need to employ few people who can make an impact. Here are 5 best SaaS companies to work for:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce offers an amazing working environment for its employees. Everyone in this company has a great attitude and always trying to assist each other in their careers. Most of the workers are open to challenges, social and mobile and willing to help each other. Employees have an opportunity to work with various groups within the organization which helps them to learn new things.

2. LivePerson

LivePerson believes in a meaningful human connection between its employees, customers and the communities at large. The company has more than 8000 customers who have recognized that LivePerson is a market leader in the real time customer engagement. This company offers work from home to many experts who want to make extra cash by providing solutions to customers. There are a lot of helpful categories for customers who are seeking for help on LivePerson. Some of them include psychics, counseling, real estate, teaching, mortgage and loan information and many more.

3. NetSuite

NetSuite is an excellent organization for graduates who want to build their careers by working alongside experienced and talented individuals. Employees of NetSuite help to grow mid-size and large organizations to achieve their goals using best cloud-based software. These enterprise software are applied in various areas such as CRM, ERP/financials, e-commerce and more. NetSuite has helped more than 10,000 companies to run very critical operations.

4. Rackspace

Rackspace is really an awesome place for talented individuals to work. This organization places a lot of emphasis on individuals working towards their strengths. Typically each day is different and you’re guaranteed to work with a great team. Employees are given every opportunity that will help to propel their careers. It’s a place where you can interact freely, feel that the company really cares about you and enjoy a lot of others that go on in the organization.

5. SoftLayer

Softlayer is one of 5 best SaaS companies to work for. It was recently voted as one of the best place work by dfw. The company is an innovation leader in managed and dedicated hosting, clouding computing and the largest private hosting organization in the world. The company provides dedicated, cloud and integrated computing services with various data centers in Houston, Dallas, Seattle, San Jose and Washington. Other regional offices are located in Amsterdam and Singapore.

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