Test your startup management skills with this new online simulator

Ever looked at a startup and thought to yourself “I can do that”?


Well, here’s your chance!


Imagine this: You are the CEO of your own startup, and you’re about to take the first steps in the industry. On the first month, your product manager, Eric, tells you that an ex-employee is using the company’s client list to promote their new product. Would you ignore the employee, or start bashing them publicly?


A new fun game by the name of Unicorn Startup Simulator, which was created this fall, introduces the many challenges, struggles and successes a startup CEO faces in the first year of business.



The people behind it are members of Toggl’s marketing team Andrea, Annika, Dunja & Mart) and front-end team (Andrin, Jaan, Jake, Luiz, Merlyn, Thiago & Tyler).


The game’s interface resembles the good ol’ 80’s arcades, and there isn’t too much action there, but it’s a lot of fun!


Your goal is to earn 1 billion dollars in one year.


At each turn, you are faced with a challenge brought to your attention by an employee. To each challenge you can respond in one of two ways, and you need to choose wisely, because your company’s cash balance and employee happiness are on the line.


Try it. It’s a lot of fun and can teach you a thing or two about the many challenges startups face.


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