The 3 Top Data Recovery Software

One of the biggest problems we can all, as computer and technology users, relate to is the loss of data due to a whole number of major crises. It can be a hard drive failure, a system meltdown, a database corruption, a virus or even the mythical “hacker”. Nonetheless, it’s no surprise that people are scouring the internet to find the top data recovery software to abate this problem in the future.

In the past, this meant burning serial optical backups and restoring them as need be. This was time consuming to do, and it meant a bit of a tax in the way of physical space for them. Not to mention, optical (or floppies in yet older times) are fragile. Better solutions for this were needed, and it wasn’t until the SaaS revolution, in conjunction with the major increase in bandwidth availability for the masses, that such solutions could really be practical and affordable.

So, in this new technological age, what are the top data recovery software solutions available? Well, let’s take a look.

#1 – Fastback DR

The thing to bear in mind with solutions like this is that, if you don’t have a solution in place beforehand to make backups (restore points), the chance of being able to restore lost data at that point is fairly slim. The chances, in that scenario, become less with more extenuating circumstances, too. So, you had best implement solutions like this ahead of time, not when data is lost.

This one exemplifies this, one of its driving features being continues and scheduled data protection, rapid backup creation, file and volume restoration and SQL backups.

This is probably one of the best ones, but it’s not the only one. I can’t really compartmentalize these by business type or scale either.

#2 – Acronis Backup and Recovery

This one might have a minor advantage over Fastback when it comes to personal use and home network use. This is due to the multiple file system support that is one of its most celebrated features.

But, beyond that, this one’s not that different although as of researching for this piece, it was somewhat cheaper.

This isn’t to say it’s not really good in its own right though. Like others, it also has rapid file backup, bare metal recovery, recovery across hardware architectures, granular file recovery and exclusion of unused blocks and files in the profiles of backup inclusion.

So, again, if we did try to compartmentalize here, I’d say this is the home network or technology company solution, given its readiness for cross-platform file backup and restoration.

#3 – Geckoboard

I try to give one that’s very unlike the others on lists like these, as you well know. It seems that the quirky alternative section of these are pretty popular, so mission accomplished. Geckboboard is such a solution. Now, it’s not so different that it doesn’t do what its competitors do, but it thinks a little differently, and while that’s not always immediately obvious in how it can be helpful, anyone who’s used enough SaaS knows that alternate thinking can innovate.

This one offers custom data range and visualization, dashboard creation, community widgets, remote workers and rapid backups.

These are the top data recovery software solutions out there, but not the only ones. It’s never a bad idea to research some more before making a choice. But, remember, don’t wait too long to implement a solution!


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