The 5 Best B2B SaaS Providers

I never really touch on the B2B aspect of business because for a long time, frankly, I didn’t have to mess with it. But, in recent times, with the line between business and individual consumers becoming far more blurry, B2B SaaS solutions  have become a necessity for most  working professionals.

B2B is a bit of a lofty term, but simply put, it is any transaction of services, finances or communications between two businesses, and no “civilians”. Many businesses are B2B, such as shipping companies, and manufacturers;. For every customer to business transaction, a hundred B2B transactions of some sort go on behind the scenes. So, suffice it to say, B2B is a big thing know you you are here to learn about B2B SaaS, and so I’m going to recommend the best ones out there.. The following B2B Saas providers cover a variety of solutions for service management between companies.

#1 – SalesForce

SalesForce is a CRM program designed to handle just about any level of transaction and bookkeeping for a business. It works excellently for B2C transactions, but expertly handles the distinct and more tentative B2B transactions..SalesForce is widely used, heavily documented and is actually programmable – a nifty feature indeed. it is a definite must when it comes to choosing your CRM provider.
CRM is important as  the cog in the daily machinery, so don’t overlook this powerful tool to handle that.

#2 – HubSpot

HubSpot is an all in one marketing tool for the modern business. It handles advertising arrangements, metrics, outreaches, discounts and special pricings -very efiiciently – and can generate all manner of reports, for all manner of metrics in marketing.
Hubspot is considered THE marketing package for a reason. Its integration ensures outreach and growth in a vast array of markets, channels and demographics. From a marketing standpoint, HubSpot is a garden to grow your business in.. Don’t overlook the power of this offering, you’ll regret it.

#3 – LivePerson

LivePerson is all about SaaS marketing and business strategy. Freemium businesses know the struggle of conversion rate acquisition, and how nightmarish a statistic it is to overcome.

LivePerson uses a heuristic connection system which ensures outreach to smart targets based on real-time business intelligence and measured case studies.
It allows your company to diagnose the best avenues and target demographics in which to encourage conversion. With LivePerson at your disposal, Saas marketing  will  no longer  be a taunting task..

#4 – HootSuite

Companies have been eager to step out into the frontier of social media marketing, CRM and customer service, but it’s a hard-to-manage mess of clashing themes and data. Having staff members who are experts at handling these as one bulk, base unit are invaluable – but hard to come by.
This is why HootSuite is so useful. It is an intelligent management system designed to integrate accounts  with just about every social network in the known multiverse, and manage them all with one solid metric – that you can count on and count with.
If the social media revolution entices you, but the confusion of so many outlets daunts you, then HootSuite will rescue you from your distress. .

#5 – Membrain

And now for the more technical B2B SaaS recommendation of the batch. Membrain is a pipeline manager for high-volume, complex exchanges between businesses conducting  complicated cooperative tasks.
This kind of logistical data-exchange-facilitator is incredibly important in modern business. Why? Because  the cloud demands cooperation rather than vicious competition from companies with similar goals.

These are only a few of the solutions out there, but I’d say one of these Saas providers will  definitely be your cup of tea.

Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.