The 5 Best Risk Management SaaS

With the ongoing race for progress in the new digital age, risk management software is becoming increasingly necessary. But, without proper risk management solutions – that allow for companies to make fairly safe bets- few companies will be bold enough to venture into the unknown, or to even try diversification at any significant level. And, we all know, without risk, there is no progress – and progress must continue in order to ensure a company’s success.

Risk management software isn’t entirely a new concept. Logistics and forecasting systems were at the forefront of computing for commercial uses. However, with the increase of complex data and the increase of requirements to operate this data, risk management software is more important than ever. Thankfully, the SaaS revolution is now simplifying and empowering risk management solutions just as it has done with so many other applications.

Allowing for cross-platform, affordable supercomputing from anywhere with internet access, risk management is a necessity for all intrepid businesses. Risk management Saas provides accurate predictions and tracking, regardless of location.

There are a lot of choices out there, so let’s take a very quick look at a few of them, to see what this new kind of software has to offer.

#1 – webPKI

The actual name of webPKI’s financial suite is ‘webKPI Financial Dashboard and Business Intelligence.’ Quite a mouthful, huh? But, just like its name, the power of this software is pretty hefty.

Offering benchmarking, budget planning, analysis and intelligence reporting, this system can put you on top of all the logistics you’ll need for proper risk management – without any question or uncertainty.

webPKI is a bit complex and costly, so I don’t recommend it for small businesses.

#2 – ZilicusPM

This one’s a monster, offering document management, Google Docs integration tasks, milestones, interactive Gantt charts and risk registers. ZilicusPM also offers customization, collaboration, timesheet tracking and project planning, as well as a whole host of BI logistics. ZilicusPM is the Swiss Army knife of risk management software, so if you’re looking for a no frills, down to earth solution for risk management, this one’s NOT going to be your top choice. However, if you want a lot of bang for your investment, ZilicusPM has plenty to offer. I recommend Zilicus for the large business owner.

#3 – Portfolio Valuation

This is another monster, offering input for investment and transaction tracking, intrinsic calculations, acquisition management, portfolio management and design. All of these features merge together to form a logistical tracking system that is great for risk evaluation and management. Portfolio Valuation is also ideal for the small business owner who needs a lot of functionality for a low price and without all the complications of complex systems.

#4 – VendorRisk

VendorRisk is a risk management solution targeting vendors of consumables and of merchandise over third-party distribution facilities. It includes intuitive vendor and contact management, as well as document uploading. VendorRisk is a pretty straightforward and bare-bones kit that is recommended for vendors, but not really for other businesses.

#5 – Global Trade Management

Global Trade Management is the VendorRisk for non-vendors, offering the same basic functionality and logistics tracking, but with a more general, industrial mindset. Scalable to any business size and industry, this is the “one size fits all” solution of risk management. Global Trade Management is recommended for small and medium sized businesses, but is also perfect for large businesses looking for something a little different.

Risk management software is rarely considered a stand-alone solution, but rather a multitude of business intelligence and logistics solutions that are designed to work together. Today’s Risk management software combines the power of SaaS with the experience of logistics computing to create the ultimate solution.


Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.