The Best Reporting Dashboard Software as a Service

I recently got asked, “What the best reporting dashboard software?

My usual reaction is to smile, scroll through my phone and give you (based on my SaaS experience) a comprehensive list of providers. This time, however, I find myself at an impasse.

You see, reporting dashboards (for the most part), are not a type of software themselves, but rather a key feature within a given software. While there are a few specific dashboard applications out there, (like weather and stock tickers), these are fairly a dime-a-dozen. I’d wager that many additional applications such as browser plugins, mobile apps or desktop background processes are also not stand-alone software.

So, while I can’t give you a list of the best reporting dashboard software, I can definitely give you a list of various types of SaaS that make reporting dashboards an important and comprehensive feature.

I wish I could offer a list of general purpose dashboards, but the category is so vague, that there’s no real way to organize them. There is no channel to publish them… and sadly, no real framework to support such a concept.
So, below are examples of suites (with different purposes) that offer great reporting dashboards within their particular industries.

#1 – Office Management Solution

For department heads, location managers or any other office management positions – Office Management Solution, by Comindware, is a great product. This software has a customizable dashboard that can integrate browsers,  interoperable SaaS and desktop feeds.

Office Management Solution is the closest thing to a multi-purpose, reporting dashboard as you can get. It’s attached to a pretty, darn good management suite that offers templates, task automation, graphic workflow builders and travel request management.
If a dashboard is your top priority; Office Management Solution is a good bet. It can run your entire office, not just the departments within the offices.

#2 – IT Help Desk Solution

IT Help Desk Solution, by Comindware, is obviously geared for IT. It offers a flexible dashboard, (comparable to Office Management), that reports on problems, traffic, tech issues and requests. Additional system features include: automatic customer request/ticket assignment, prioritization and logistics logging.
IT Help Desk Solution is an integrated dashboard that works  on any internet platform, including mobile.
If a dashboard is critical for quick system overviews (by busy IT people), IT Help Desk Solution is a good solution to integrate into your current tools.

#3 – Software Development Solution

Another solution (in a line of IT solutions by the same company), is Software Development Solution. This system offers a dashboard that logs code modifications, database requests, task distribution, asset management, SVN statistics and even automatic build tracking. It also offers simple bug tracking, process streamlining, visual workflow interaction and real-time status reports.

Developers who need a quick window into a project’s overall logistics, statistics and progress (or those in leadership positions) will find Software Development Solution to be very helpful. It is a flexible suite with a powerful, inclusive dashboard.

These Reporting Dashboard SaaS solutions are all from one company, Comindware. I almost never list more than one solution from any given provider in a list, but in this case, their focus on dashboard functionality has made this unavoidable. Reporting dashboard software is not considered its own genre yet, but as the industry grows, so will th


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