The Best SaaS Articles of This Week

From math to data this week we explore different ways and methods to boost your SaaS product and touch on topics of hosting infrastructure and millennials engagement. This week’s top 5 SaaS articles are good to go.

The Math Behind SaaS Startup Customer Lifetime Value

The lifetime value of their customers is a central metric to see how well a SaaS company is doing, but despite its importance it can be hard to measure. According to Tomasz Tunguz, lifetime value provides accurate data on how budget can be better spent and this article uncovers a proven methodology to do so.

The SaaS Success Database

Building a SaaS business is difficult and no one can fully prepare you for the creativeness necessary to tackle challenges along the way. This wonderful article (by Neeraj Agrawal) was crafted by TechCrunch and offers beautiful infographics and well explained statistics to understand the foundations of building a SaaS business.

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Are You SaaS Savvy? 3 Reasons To Not Build Your Own Portal

The article by John Greathouse analyzes a new research from the SalientGroup regarding the SaaS industry and how it effects the B2E market. It provide professional advice and guidance on SaaS integration in the enterprise level and how this should be used to counter loss of important data.

Could SaaS & IaaS Irrevocably Change The Hosting Infrastructure Of Today

Hosting services and infrastructure for servers have gone a long way but this massive migration to cloud technology and SaaS is a process that is still far from reaching its true potential. The article by Anand Srinivasan, explores the potential future monopolies over cloud infrastructure and the way this large scale companies will utilize this technologies for profit.

5 Tips for Getting Millennials Onboard your SaaS Program

Why are Millennials the key demographic that SaaS companies should focus on? For one, they are quickly making up a larger share of your total userbase. However, it is more than just a shift towards a younger generation; it is a shift in ideology. Millennials approach information much differently compared to Boomers.  Check out this article to understand why.


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