The Best Web Load Testing Software

I haven’t talked about web load testing software before because, honestly, I’m not a tech guy as far as backend ‘stuff’­ is concerned. This is so not my field, I’m a SaaS designer at my core, so when it comes to web load testing software, I have to go entirely on what reviewers tell me, what colleagues advise and what research I find.

The results are in. Although the experts and researchers I have spoken to, couldn’t seem to agree on which ones were the best- in a structured numbered order, they all agreed that the providers below are in the top 3…

#1 Dotcom Monitor

Dotcom Monitor has a pretty standard offering. It sits in the medium price range and is geared towards small and medium businesses.

Honestly, I can usually spot what distinguishes one software from another, and as far as I’m concerned this software can do the job necessary for even bigger businesses. Just look at this feature list: web application monitoring (with video capture), app customization, alerting, customizable filters and issue escalations. It also offers verifications, real-time waterfall charting and error monitoring, Flash, Silverlight, AJAX and Java support.  Dotcom Monitor  even has check page load speed capability’s – from the end-user perspective.

Dotcom Monitor sets the bar, as far as I can tell, on how web loading software should work. I’m confident, via my colleagues’ feedback, in recommending this provider.

#2 AlertBot

AlertBot is centered around automation, which I for one, definitely appreciate. Big businesses seem to favor Alertbot for its wide array of automatic features. AlertBot offers advanced monitoring, recovery services, error diagnostics, content verification and multiple browser simulations. They also offer screenshots of page errors, false positive alert protection, customizable escalation systems and email/SMS/phone alerts.

I can see how IT departments could quickly get used to this level of automation.

#3 Load Impact Testing Tool

Load Impact Testing Tool is a bit more ‘conservative.’ It is simple and to the point; which makes it great for small or medium sized businesses.

Load Impact Testing Tool’s features include: proxy recording, concise graphs and account access for up to fifty concurrent users. I would give this one a look for simple tasks and even if you have a big workload to monitor and test.

These 3 providers, according to my colleagues and research, seem to be the best web load testing software options out there.

I will touch on this list again in the fairly near future, when I’ve had time to get some more in depth knowledge on the subject, so stick around for that.

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