The Best of the Week in SaaS

This week’s 5 best articles in cloud have a few things in common. First, they are excellent introductions to the potential of Cloud, but they also offer some tips about using cloud to leverage new business, reduce IT costs, and build more business agility.

1. The Future of Cloud Computing: 5 Predictions
This article about Gery Menegaztakes a glimpse into the possibilities ahead for cloud computing. With most new software built for the cloud environment, I think you’ll find this article particularly insightful.

A Simple Guide to Cloud Computing Stacks: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Jyotsana Gupta’s article offers an excellent introduction to cloud and the computing infrastructure and processing capabilities of aaS over internet.  This introduction to Platform (aaS), Infrastructure (aaS) and Software (aaS) can help you understand the specific advantages for your business.

3. Cloud Computing Means Business Agility
Marissa Tejadauses this article to discuss the findings of a recent study about the competitive advantages of cloud. From increasing your business’ agility to reducing your IT costs, this article does a great job outlining the importance of cloud.

4. Despite “Cloud First” Impetus, Government Cloud Adoption is Still Creeping Along
This article by Barb Darrow discusses the slow pace of Government agencies to cloud. The reasons why these changes are taking place so slowly may not surprise you, but you’ll find the details quite interesting.

5. 4 Traffic Acquisition Tools to Help Grow Your Business
Finally this is an article I wrote to help build your publicity. I’ve outlined some of the tools that companies are using to draw traffic to their sites without having to make drastic coding changes.


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