The Top SaaS Articles This Week

As we enter the new year- make sure you are up to date on the latest new in our growing and evolving industry. SaaS and cloud tech are making big strides in the upcoming months. This week’s top 5 articles discuss both the opportunities and implications of this rapid growth. The one that really caught my attention this week was Rupert Goodwin’s article on the course of this revolution, providing a really good overview of this whole industry. What was your favorite?

The Storm Brewing: What Is Fueling Public Cloud Growth?

While 2015 marks another great year for cloud technology adoption among the public sector it also exposed a massive misunderstanding among users. This gap in knowledge and utility may lead to a halt in growth in 2016.

The Direction of Computing Is Only Going In One Way—To The Cloud

This article is a great 2015 recap, exploring the cloud evolution from the early days of sales force to modern day SaaS startups. The author also shares some of his SaaS knowledge and expertise to help up and coming companies.

Adoption of Cloud Computing in The Enterprise: The Progress in 2015

Jeff Denworth, the senior VP of marketing in CTERA, a firm dealing with cloud technology solutions, shares his vision for cloud adoption by enterprise and lists the potential hurdles that are expected during 2016 and the following years.

Cloud, Data Security Remain Top Concerns Heading Into 2016

With SaaS embedded on multiple systems and platforms, security is becoming a severe risk. This article brings to light newly found information and some very important factors regarding cloud usage. Data analytics and business intelligence are two major uses for cloud data.

How Your Marketing and Sales Teams Can Help to Lower CAC

Both your marketing and sales teams can work to help lower CAC. Using a combination of market research, product endorsements, content marketing and minimizing “touch”, your organization gain tighter control over how much it costs to acquire new customers.





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