The Week in SaaS News

In this weeks best in SaaS, we look at some advice from some of the best in the industry, the role of the platform, and even advice on keeping down churn.

1. Microsoft CEO to Business: Your Future As An SaaS Provider 

In Phil Wainewright’s article he outlines some key insights from Satya Nadella’s address at Convergence 2015.

2.Cisco: Continuous Delivery ‘Key” For SaaS Applications
In Scharon Harding’s article, he outlines some of the key messages from Cisco Fellow Jonathan Rosenberg on a recent blog. In particular, he examines the way that IT customers are looking for SaaS enhancements.

3.Forget About IAAS, PAAS and SAAS – It’s All About the Platform
In Brandon Butler’s article, he looks at the importance of the platform in light of a recent Forester Wave report that presents some challenging new research.

4.SaaS Companies Must Adapt to Capitalize on the Cloud
Jeff Fernandez’s article looks at how SaaS companies must adapt in order to be more flexible, more secure and more engaged with the cloud.

5. How to Overcome the Hurdle of User Churn

Finally in this article we look at the challenge of churn, and just what you may be able to do to keep your churn to a minimum.


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