This Week’s Best Articles in SaaS

By: Omri @SaaSAddict Erel

From security headaches, to lack of focus in software development, this week’s articles have some important insights for all SaaS professionals.

1. SaaS Deployments Are Now Mission Critical – Gartner
Ben Rossi’s article shines light on the recent Gartner survey conducted across 10 countries to examine the adoption and deployment of cloud services across SaaS.

2. IT Departments Failing to Get to Grips with Shadow SaaS
In Rene Millman’s article, the author addresses the security headache that IT departments face in dealing with SaaS.
3. Converting to Customer Success
Rachel English’s article walks us through three key secrets to converting from customer service to customer success. This article will help you better understand if you’re ready for the attitudinal and structural changes necessary to make the leap.

4. You can’t Price Software without Focus
In this article we hear essential advice about pricing and value management from Steven Forth. Forth breaks down the value management and pricing strategy for you.

5. Why Your B2B Lead Response Time is Killing Your Business
In this article by Chris Retman outlines the need for immediacy in the B2B world. His article tackles the challenges that result with slow response times, and how to address them.

6. Conquering the Mind: 5 Ways to Turn Leads Into Customers

Finally in this article we tackle 5 key ways to turn leads into customers. From providing options to repetition, these ways are sure to make you more than a few long term customers.

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