This Week’s Best in SaaS

By: Omri @SaaSAddict Erel

This week’s best in SaaS identify the most common mistakes in SaaS sales, some key metrics to track in an SaaS business, and some of the new monitoring tools available.

1. The Most Common Mistake in SaaS Sales Strategies
In this article by Jeff Thermond, he shares some insights on the most common mistake we make in SaaS Sales. After reading this article you’ll know better how to align your best sales people or your customer experience team to be the most strategic possible.

2. Big Data Analysis Goes SaaS
Jeff Bertolucci’s article offers business users a cloud-based real time analysis of time-sensitive information.


3. 3 Key Metrics to Track in a SaaS Business
In this article by Accelerate India outlines three essential metrics, which should help his friend (and you) run a business more smoothly and more effectively.

4. There’s Only One SaaS Sales Strategy You Really Need
In this article by Garrett Moon outlines how some of the most successful SaaS providers have worked to help their customers succeed. From random acts of kindness to superior onboarding, you’ll find some strategies to help build your business’ success.

5. 3 SaaS Monitoring Tools You Should Consider
Finally, in this article we outline some of the monitoring tools you should consider in order to evaluate and optimize your users experience.

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