This Week’s Best of SaaS

In this week’s best in SaaS you’ll find a guide to growth hacking, a guide to successful user onboarding and even an article on content security market and how to identify growth prospects.

1. A Quick Guide to Successful User Onboarding for SaaS Products

In this piece, Tom Walker outlines some of the best ways to evaluate both qualitative and quantitative pain points for your users.

2. 10 Effective Growth Hacks to Increase Your SaaS Revenue

In Thomas Schranz’s article on effective growth hacks, he helps you examine just how well positioned you are (or are not) in the minds of your potential customers.

3. 31 Things I Learned the Hard Way about Growing a SaaS Business. GBP from Duane ‘Startup’ Jackson, Kashflow

In Mark Littlewood’s article, he outlines 31 things he learned about growing an SaaS business. From tips on how to handle product and website, to Targets and KPIs you’ll get a better grasp on SaaS growth with this article.

4. Content Security Market Set to Soar
John Edwards’ article on the prospects in the security market identifies just how global SaaS-based content security market will grow especially in the areas of intrusion prevention systems

5. SaaS Marketing. Product Demo or Free Trial?

Finally in this article I tackle whether or not to use a free trial or product demo in order to gain new customers.


Sydney Rootman is the Editor and Lead Writer for SaaSAddict. SaaSAddict shares news and information on SaaS, cloud migration and product marketing, in hopes of fostering discussion and interaction with the professional community.