This Week’s Best in SaaS

This Week’s SaaS is all about mobility. Whether that is mobile learning opportunities or an opportunity to work remotely, this week’s best are about finding ways to make mobile solutions work for you.

1. How SaaS is Driving Remote Working

This article by Blair Reeves helps better understand the role of SaaS to the future of remote working.  Now if you’re a traditionalist who believes the best work is done, on premises, by someone at a desk, you need Reeve’s insight into exactly what the benefits are to this opportunity.

2. Navigating the Reality of Cloud, Mobile and SaaS

This email by Guy Turner helps outline just where you’ll find the greatest ROIs in light of new technology paradigms. Check out this article to understand the need for non-consensus bets and the evolution of technology paradign transitions.

3. 4 Advantages of Cloud-based Technologies in the Classroom

In Adam Fort’s article about cloud-based technologies and learning opportunities, you’ll be presented with the many important opportunities that cloud presents including information storage, collaboration, e-learning and mobility.

4. Infographic: The Changing Role of the CIO

Finally this article helps to summarize an infographic about the rapidly changing role of the CIO.  From change in pay scale to change in priorities, this particular infographic offers some good insights into the type of change we may see next.


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