This Week’s Top 5 SaaS Articles

1# Microsoft CEO Appointment Indicates Future Cloud Focus

Finally, Microsoft has hired a new CEO, Satya Nadella. The new CEO was previously working as a head of the cloud and Enterprise in the company. Christopher Morris looks at how this will help Microsoft grow.

2# Amazon Driving the Cloud into The Heart of the Enterprise, One New Feature and Price Cut at A Time

Cloud computing is one of the forces that drives Information Technology. Maria Deutscher looks at how Amazon is using it to expand its operations.

3# How to Design a Cloud Ready Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

No business is immune to emergencies or events that can bring down their website. However you need to ensure that your business stays afloat. Bill Kleyman looks at how to design a cloud disaster recovery infrastructure for your business.

4# 15 Experts Talk About Cloud Computing (Video)

Looking for valuable information on cloud computing. James Maguire interviewed 15 experts in this field and compiled this content-rich article just for you.

5# 3 Great Lies Of Cloud Computing

Not all information that you find out there regarding Cloud Computing is true or implementable. I did thorough research and discovered 3 lies that have being misleading businesses for years.


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