Top 3 Academic Software Reviews

Academic software has always been one of the most immediately pointed out and edified as one of the biggest applications of computing in the “real world”. Research tools, information sources and databases, and scholastic management applications have been some of the most highly-developed and published forms of software and computing services from the inception of the PC era. Early computers included educational software, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and so forth.

So, when the SaaS revolution came about, you could count on academic software finding a big niche to carve out in that field right from the start. However, before I can recommend the best of this genre, I have to point out that this category actually encompasses a couple types of software, including research tools, LMS concepts as well as education management solutions.


So, we’ll give you the best one of each of these three, so your bases are covered. Even if only one of these types was what drew you here, you’ll see definite help the others could likely provide for you as well.

#1 – Moodle (LMS)

Moodle is the most popular LMS offering out there. It makes teaching over the web a cinch, eliminating rigorous schedules and classroom environments. It’s easy to set up, and offers an intuitive wiki systems, rich, multimedia course design, easy to customize grade automation, and rich tests and social integration functionality, among a lot more.

It’s also open source, meaning that you can modify it to suit your needs, or just add on new functionality with its extension system. If it’s an LMS you were looking for, you really can’t go wrong with Moodle.

#2 – Applane (School Management)

While this kind of functionality exists in an LMS too, if you’re not going to use an LMS, or at least not be dependent on it entirely, then you can get this functionality in a less tied down form with Applane. It has fully featured admission management, student administration, fee management, library management, examination and evaluation management, HR management, vending and book keeping tracking.

It could actually be used as an LMS itself, really, but that’s not what it was really designed for. So, if you need management not tied down to your LMS, then Applane has you covered.

#3 – Advancert (Examination)

While LMS systems like Moodle have capable testing, you may often find yourself needing something more sophisticated for significant exams. Advancert is a good solution for this, offering video interviews, question bank management, assessment and examination management, secure delivery, exam version control, and online payment and booking functionality.

When you need to deliver those end of class examinations for real certifications, you may not want to leave that up to your LMS, if you’re using one.

Using these tools together is one of the best ways to handle education in the new millennium. Finally, the classroom-free school and fair grading and quality testing can be joined together in a solid learning model of the future. Academic software like this is an innovation to be cherished, and future generations will look back on old educational models predating this the way we now look on feudal society.

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