Top 3 Enterprise SaaS Providers of 2014


Great Enterprise SaaS are hard to come by. Finding tested and proven software that can withstand hundreds of users is often a rare occurrence. In this article you will learn about 3 must use Software as a service providers for different business needs.

The Top 3 Enterprise SaaS Providers of 2014


WalkMe Enterprise Guidance and Engagement Platform provides organizations with the most advanced system for onboarding, training and supporting users of any type of coporate system.

The assistance appears as tip balloons that walk users step-by-step through any task or action they need perform.

WalkMe is perfect for complex websites that need improved UX and added simplicity. Ii releases pressure off call centers by providing customers with self-service solutions and improves many of the different business goals such as: Reducing IT costs, improving overall employee performance and making training and onboarding new users much easier.

Walkme  as an Enterprise SaaS improves the flow of your business as it will not be affected due to the speed of the software. It also helps you to turn your free users into paid users with the guidance of Walkme so that you can take the right actions with the use of walk thrus. You lower churn rates will be converted into higher life time value and thus you will experience better usability and user experience.


As an enterprise SaaS solution, salesforce have created a new and unique enviorment that fat surpasses the classic CRM systems we know. Salesforce has many supporting application for the operations and development of platform as it also helps in converting the existing web services themselves into something highly customizable.

The application solutions range from specific functionalities that are more associated with particular applications such as CRM to capabilities of full-fledged SaaS to be used for business applications.

All these applications work with each other seamlessly which is the true hidden  value of Salesforce.

Salesforce has helped many companies by providing the alternative to buying, building and maintaining the infrastructure of their business as they can easily plug in for subscribing to the services built on the shared marketplace.

Using Salesforce’s subscription based model, has lowers initial costs and thus resulting in lower IT cost for software, hardware and personnel for managing it all.

The demands of the customers are met very well by the SF and it’s appsas it provides seamless integration and customization capabilities.


The SaaS Enterprise solution called “Workday®” is a Workday, Inc is an on‑demand (cloud-based) HR and financial management software vendor. It provides packaged integration tools that fit perfectly with the basic capabilities given for managing the exchange of data. Workday® is highly customizable using custom code and managing the disparate user interfaces with the use of a large variety of programming languages.

Thus you can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing while lowering costs dramatically and providing greater flexibility.


If I had only 3 Enterprise SaaS Vendors to recommend then these 3 are most definitely a must for any serious organization moving to the cloud.


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